Feng Shui Front Door with Flower Garden

Aug 26th
Decorrative Feng Shui Front Door Ideas
Decorrative Feng Shui Front Door Ideas

At the door a flower garden talking about Feng Shui is synonymous with prosperity, abundance, wealth and healthy interpersonal relationships. This time it is the main Feng Shui front door of your house. That, from where all the opportunities and the energy that contains it enter. The Chinese call it the “mouth”. Therefore you have to take care of what comes through the mouth of the house. And it is worth asking, how this entrance door and its surroundings relate to the harmony expected. What things must be in the door to generate balance and what things are not recommended. What happens with the thoughts of people, visitors who want to enter the house.
The plants symbolize the growth, and the spiritual, physical, intellectual and economic advances of the people who live in the house. They are associated with wood that, together with earth, water, fire and metal, is one of the five elements used by Feng Shui front door to create a favorable environment at home and at the entrance.
If the entrance is surrounded by multicolored flowers, representing each color, each of the five elements. It will attract more and better energy. So much harmony overcomes the most diffuse thoughts of the overlapping visitor and if it is the entrance of an inhabitant of the house; with a Feng Shui front door of such beauty and balance will leave their daily sorrows out and the joy of arriving home starts from the mouth or entrance.

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