John Leicht,
John has done a lot of stuff. Marketed a lot of food for a lot of big companies (Kraft, Sargento, Hormel, Birds-Eye, etc). You've probably eaten some of his prior work. Now a certified Cookie Monster. 
Edward Schuldt, Principal
Edward is a one of a kind guy. It's just that what that kind is has always been up for grabs. However, as a Baking Food Scientist, he makes a mean Malted Milk cookie. Which makes the world a far better place than it was.
About Malt Shop Cookies, LLC
Founded upon the realization that the world was without Double Chocolate,  Chocolate Chip or Mocha Chocolate Malted Milk Cookies. An unforgivable oversight on the part of mankind. Fortunately, we have corrected that situation. 

Now, we don't actually own a malt shop, but we do remember what they were. Back then, malted milk was a great finishing taste. It still is. But now, it's being recognized as an all natural preservative. Which helps keep our (your) cookies soft and moist for a long, long time. 

It's a whole new era. So, malted milk in a cookie? The way it was meant to be.
Mission Statement:

Committed to world peace by encouraging the use of the phrase - Would you like a Double Chocolate malted milk cookie?
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Fairly good. Though we both wear glasses. Overall, not bad. We can both hit the broadside of   
barn with most objects we are capable of throwing.
Our Philosophy:

Moderation in all things. Including cookies. And philosophies.

But, think of it this way. Cookies are, by their very nature, altruistic. 

The phrase - Would you like a cookie? - is just a nice thing in and of itself.

If global leaders would just have each other over for cookies and milk instead of holding splashy, expensive, big event World Conferences, we all just might get a little more accomplished.

Aristotle might have asked - Why are there cookies? To which we answer...who cares?  We're just glad there are. Some things are
 beyond questioning. 
De gustibus non est disputandis